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October 2013

This month's edition of The Round-Up provides you with interesting commentaries on a diverse range of topics.

Phoebe Bryant reviews the recent High Court decision in R(MA & others) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, where the so called “bedroom tax” was found not to be discriminatory.

Philippa Seal urges us to “watch our tree roots” following the recent case of Khan and another v Harrow Council and others,  a case dealing with the forseeability of damage to neighbouring property caused by tree roots.

Jane Clifton examines the ruling in Simson v Islington Borough Council, in which the High Court upheld the decision of the court below that the highway authority were under a duty to investigate for obstructed defects in the carriageway if the area of road in question had significant and visible defects.

Finally, Anthony Connerty provides a useful insight into “Step Clauses” and the use of mediation with arbitration in the resolution of cross-border disputes.

The Round-up 2013