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2. How do you find the right specialist?

While some barristers work alone, many others are members of ‘sets’. At Lamb Chambers for example we have over fifty members: barristers who are specialists in different areas of the law and at various stages in their careers.

If you would like us to act for you, simply contact our team Clerks on 020 7797 8300. They’re experienced, trained legal professionals who will discuss your case with you, understand the issues and suggest some suitable barristers from our team.

The best way to begin is to fill in our client questionnaire. This is a useful prompt for gathering together documents, timelines and other information that will help us assess your case and give you some ideas, including estimated costs and likelihood of success.

There is no charge for this initial review - and if we believe you are unlikely to succeed or we are unable to deal with your case ‘direct’ we will tell you. Otherwise, if you are happy to go ahead, one of our barristers will be in touch as soon as possible.

3. Is Public Access right for me? >

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Arrange a meeting now. Call us 020 7797 8300 or complete the form below.

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