What we offer

Our International group has extensive expertise to advise you on all types of disputes across a diverse range of industry sectors and geographical regions. We pride ourselves on the breadth of our international group and the experience and quality of our barristers, which means we are well-placed to respond to any dispute resolution issues you may face.

We adopt a flexible and forward-thinking approach to providing the services we offer to our clients. We aim to deliver a broad portfolio of practical and common-sense legal solutions and advice to professional and lay clients who face international issues. Our services are provided in an approachable, friendly, commercially viable and cost-effective way, underpinned by our multi-disciplinary knowledge and distinctive cultural awareness.

How we can help

Our flexible, forward-thinking and cost-effective approach allows us to deliver a range of legal services, in a way that can be adjusted to your needs.


If you are an English-qualified solicitor and consider it would be beneficial for your client to involve Counsel from the beginning of the matter, we can provide a flexible and transparent fee structure, which reflects the amount of work to be completed. We take a reasonable and pragmatic approach to the way we engage in a case.

We can be involved at the start of the case or be engaged for a particular piece of work required. We understand clients’ needs and the challenges you face. We will provide practical and cost-effective advice on how to deal with the issues involved. If a matter requires urgent attention, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to do our best to help you with any urgent inquires.

Foreign Lawyers

If you are a lawyer based outside of the United Kingdom and the matter you are dealing with involves considerations of English law, we can provide legal advice on the application of English law to the matter you are dealing with. We can talk you through our fees structure and provide fixed or hourly-based quotes depending on the needs of your case.

Whether you are an in-house lawyer looking for an English-qualified external Counsel or a lawyer qualified in another jurisdiction, or an English-qualified solicitor, and need representation at an international arbitration, we will tailor our involvement in the case to accommodate your or your client’s needs.

Individuals and businesses

If you are an individual based in or outside the UK or a company, or a representative of a law firm, based overseas and new to the UK legal market or not quite sure where to start or whom to approach, we will help you to navigate your way around legal services offered in the UK and suggest the best way to deal with the legal issue you have.

Whether you need representation and advocacy in court or tribunal, legal advice, or drafting of legal documents, we aim to ensure that we deliver the best service we can and put the client’s needs at the heart of the services we provide.

International Arbitration

Our members can be instructed to act in international arbitrations, either as arbitration advocates or arbitrators. Our extensive experience in dealing with international arbitrations, combined with flexibility in our approach and cultural, jurisdictional and commercial awareness of our members provides a great opportunity for involving our counsel in various matters, requiring their expertise.

For more information on experience of our members in international arbitration, please proceed to our International Arbitration page, by clicking here:

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services

If you, or your client, have a dispute which is governed by English law, or is under the jurisdiction of English courts, and require a cost-effective approach to resolve the dispute, then alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, may be your best option. Depending on the case, ADR can be particularly effective if you have concerns about litigation becoming too expensive or taking too long relative to the issues involved.

ADR services can be used pre-litigation or instead of litigation. Our barristers can assist you in exploring your options and can help you to negotiate the best outcome with the other side or represent you at mediation. Their main focus will be to try to settle the dispute in the best way for you.

If settlement with the other side is not achievable, our barristers can also suggest informal/ad hoc arbitration to resolve the remaining issues. Arbitration can provide the benefit of an independent decision that avoids the costs, formality and length of formal litigation or an institutional arbitration process. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Whether you require representation at negotiations, mediation or arbitration, or are looking for an arbitrator or mediator, our barristers will be able to help you to resolve your dispute using ADR methods. Please follow the link below to find out more bout ADR services and how we can help you resolve your dispute:

Regions we cover:

We can provide services covering all the regions of the world with particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Offshore;
  • Europe;
  • Australasia;
  • Russia/CIS countries; and
  • Middle East.

The group has particular experience dealing with the following jurisdictions: Australia, Bahamas, Belarus, Bermuda, BVI, Canada, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg; Russia; Turkey, Turks and Caicos Islands, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, St Kitts and Ukraine. We can also assist with questions on Scottish law and US (New York) law.

Practice areas we have particular expertise in include:
  • International Arbitration;
  • International Mediation;
  • Banking & Finance;
  • Sale of Goods;
  • Carriage of Goods;
  • Civil fraud;
  • Jurisdiction and conflict of laws;
  • Enforcement;
  • Sanctions;
  • Company law;
  • Partnerships;
  • Employment;
  • Professional Negligence;
  • Property;
  • Construction;
  • Insolvency.


In addition to English, we speak many other languages including Danish, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Twi.

International Dispute Resolution Network (IDRN)

If you are interested in, or work with, international dispute resolution professionals, please feel free to join Chambers-led International Dispute Resolution Network (IDRN) LinkedIn Group at

If you are interested in hearing more about the International Practice of Lamb Chambers or would like to be first to hear about Chambers’ International events, please let us know at and we will add you to our International contact list.


If you have any dispute or matter which involves consideration of English law, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our clerks will be able to deal with your initial inquiries and will promptly direct you to the right barrister to deal with legal questions you may have.

Please contact Senior Clerk, Cliff Alderson at or Deputy Senior Clerk, Joe Grimmer at

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Dr Natalia Perova

Dr Natalia Perova

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Antonio Bueno KC

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