About Us

How To Instruct Us

Members of Lamb Chambers can accept instructions from:

  • Solicitors
  • any person authorised by another approved regulator (not the Bar Standards Board) or licensing authority
  • an employed barrister or registered European lawyer
  • any practising barrister or registered European lawyer acting on his own behalf
  • a foreign lawyer
  • a Scottish or Northern Irish Solicitor

Instructing members of Lamb Chambers is arranged via the practice managers. The team of practice managers, led by Senior Practice Manager Cliff Alderson, are happy to assist in answering any questions in relation to instructions or potential instructions. The Practice Managers’ room can be contacted by telephone (020 7797 8300) or by emailing the clerks (practicemanagers@lambchambers.co.uk).

Public Access

1. Come straight to us

Until recently the regulations meant that you could only appoint a barrister to work on your case by going through a solicitor. This has now changed and in many situations, you can now appoint a barrister direct – via the Public Access / Direct Access scheme.

Why would you want to do this? To use a healthcare analogy, solicitors have historically been the GPs of the legal world, while barristers have been the specialists. That is, experts in very specific areas of the law (just as surgeons specialise in particular parts of the body).

With the new rules you can now go straight to the expert best equipped to advise you on your legal issue, draft documents for you or represent you in Court. It is highly likely that this will speed up the progress of your case and save you money too. For further information about public access please email publicaccess@lambchambers.co.uk or alternatively complete this form and email us to speed up the process.

2. How do you find the right specialist?

While some barristers work alone, many others are members of ‘sets’. At Lamb Chambers for example we have over fifty members: barristers who are specialists in different areas of the law and at various stages in their careers.

If you would like us to act for you, simply contact our team Practice Managers on 020 7797 8300. They’re experienced, trained legal professionals who will discuss your case with you, understand the issues and suggest some suitable barristers from our team.

The best way to begin is to fill in our client questionnaire. This is a useful prompt for gathering together documents, timelines and other information that will help us assess your case and give you some ideas, including estimated costs and likelihood of success.

There is no charge for this initial review – and if we believe you are unlikely to succeed or we are unable to deal with your case ‘direct’ we will tell you. Otherwise, if you are happy to go ahead, one of our barristers will be in touch as soon as possible.

3. Is Public Access right for me?

Dealing with us direct can often remove the solicitor from the chain completely. This makes communication that much more efficient, will put you in direct control of your case and will most likely reduce your costs.

You will on the other hand have to handle some of the tasks that your solicitor would normally carry out, including project managing your case and handling administrative tasks such as organising case documents, writing letters and lodging papers with the Court.

We will provide all the support we can (including regular case and cost updates, as well as guidance on Court procedures), but as the bottom line: you should be somebody who is comfortable handling administrative tasks and official paperwork.

There are some things, such as issuing Court proceedings, which we are not permitted to do and require a Solicitor’s services. We will tell you when this is necessary and recommend a solicitor if you would like us to and it is appropriate for us to do so.

4. Working with us

Here are the areas of law in which we are able to advise you:

  • Property and housing (commercial and residential)
  • Intellectual property, media and entertainment
  • Personal injury and clinical negligence
  • Commercial and corporate law

Our members and staff understand the importance of providing an excellent service, including communicating promptly and clearly, keeping you briefed on progress, returning calls and above all, getting things done.

We will provide a clear cost estimate before we start and consult you before incurring any additional charges should, for example, the circumstances of your case change or we need to call on a solicitor or expert witnesses.

Whether you want an expert legal opinion, help with drafting legal documents or for us to take a dispute to Court, you will find we are an excellent partner.

Our Expertise