Article – Hirst v Dunbar

What limitation period applies to payment claims made under the Scheme for Construction Contracts? Claim that the Scheme acts as a certification process given the (Henry) Boot….

Property & Construction Disputes, Adjudication Part 1

Are you in a dispute with your builder? Are you a subcontractor in a construction site, where disputes have arisen? What is an adjudication and how can it help to quickly resolve property and construction disputes?

Welcome Christopher Green

Lamb Chambers are pleased to welcome Christopher Green as a 3rd six pupil.

Domestic Building Work Disputes – Part 1

Have you had building work carried out and have been left with unfinished works, as a result of a dispute with your builder? Or works that have not been finished by your builder to a satisfactory standard? If you are looking at having building works carried out, what key points should you consider to best cover yourself if disputes arise?