Low-value construction disputes: TeCSA adjudication pilot

Simple low-value disputes are perfect fodder for adjudication and use of this opportunity will lead to a much quicker resolution than litigation, hopefully contractors and employers alike will take note

RGB P&C Ltd. v Victory House General Partner Ltd. [2019] EWHC 1188 (TCC)

The decision of Mrs Justice Jefford DBE in RGB P&C Ltd. v Victory House General Partner Ltd is an interesting example of...

Technology and Construction Court: Global Hub of Legal Expertise?

This short article offers a modest view as to whether the Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”) will remain a global hub of legal expertise in the medium-term.

Construction arbitration – a snapshot

Arbitration remains one of the most popular ways to resolve construction disputes, especially those arising out of transnational projects or where the participants come from different jurisdictions.

PBS v Bester [2019] EWHC 996 (TCC): Adjudication enforcement—Allegations of fraud

The decision of Pepperall J provides yet another stumbling block to the rapid procedure for enforcement of adjudication awards