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Noisy Neighbours

Barbara Zeitler speaks with Hatti Suvari from Get Legally Speaking on the topic of 'Noisy Neighbours'

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Noisy neighbours are a problem for many, but what can be done to stop your neighbours from disturbing you with so much noise? How much noise by law is allowed when it is disturbing others? And how can the legal system help you to put a stop to noise disturbance? Listen to  Hatti Suvari and senior property Barrister Barbara Zeitler to find out how to get help to deal with putting a stop to your noisy neighbours! Hatti and Barbara talk about the levels of acceptable and unacceptable noise, for example loud music or barking dogs, what is meant by‘unsociable hours’ and ‘noise pollution’, the time of day in which loud noise is acceptable by law, and what you can do to try and resolve the issue of noisy neighbours.

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