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Northwood Solihull Ltd v Fearn & Cooke [2020] EWHC 3538 (QB)

When a landlord which is a corporate body signs a notice under the Housing Act 1988, must that notice be executed in accordance with s.44 Companies Act 2006 in order to be valid? If so, does that requirement also extend to the landlord’s certificate required so as to verify the prescribed information which must be given to a tenant in connection with the tenancy deposit protection provisions in the Housing Act 2004?

A substantive review of the landmark decision in Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover Limited and the protection it provides for those who identify as non-binary and gender fluid under the Equality Act 2010

Adam Cooke, of Stephenson Harwood, and Oscar Davies, of Lamb Chambers, outline the recent judgment of Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover on the inclusion of non-binary and gender fluid gender identities under the Equality Act 2010, the judgment’s implications, and what practical steps can be taken to ensure that workplaces are compliant.

Property: Illegality Defence: Stoffel & Co v Grondona [2020] UKSC 42

Dominic Bright discusses the recent Supreme Court decision explaining how the new policy-based illegality defence applies in relation to the case of Stoffel and Co v Grondona [2020] UKSC 42.

Property: No reward for a cynical breach of a restrictive covenant

Adam Swirsky analyses the Supreme Court decision regarding a cynical disregard of a restrictive covenant in regards to the case of Millgate Developments Ltd and another v Alexander Devine Children’s Cancer Trust and another [2020] UKSC 45.