Success for Lamb Chambers in the Court of Appeal today!

Judgment has been handed down in The One Savings Bank v Catherine Waller-Edwards [2024] EWCA Civ 302. Antonia Halker and John Ditchburn acted for the Respondent bank.

Personal Injury: Hassam & Anor v Rabot & Anor [2024] UKSC 11

What is the correct approach to concurrent pain, suffering and loss of amenity (“PSLA”) caused by both a whiplash (tariff) injury and a non-whiplash (non-tariff) injury?

What a Waste: An Overview of Recent and Past Case Law on Wasted Costs

The law of costs is an area of law which has always been fast changing and never more than now. This article will provide an overview on recent and past case law on wasted costs.

Get Legally Speaking Podcast: “Noisy Neighbours – Part 1”

We are pleased to reintroduce the first part of a compelling Get Legally Speaking podcast episode featuring Barbara Zeitler and host Hatti Suvari.

Get Legally Speaking Podcast: ‘Copyright, Do’s Dont’s & What You NEED to Know!’

We are enthused to share that one of our respected barristers, Dr Tim Sampson, has once again been featured as a guest on the Get Legally Speaking podcast along with host Hatti Suvari.

David Willink Appointed as Chancellor of the Diocese of Rochester

Lamb Chambers are delighted to share that David Willink, one of our esteemed barristers, has been appointed as Chancellor of the Diocese of Rochester.