Bar Wars: Inn Keeping with Conventional Authorities

In Allnutt v The Nags Head Reading Ltd & Others [2019] EWHC 2810 (Ch), ICC Judge Prentis reviewed the authorities on shareholders’ Unfair Prejudice as governed by the Companies Act 2006 s.994.

The devil in the detail: is a liability under a personal guarantee a debt payable immediately?

In July 2019, ICC Judge Barber in Martin v McClaren Construction Limited [2019] EWHC 2059 (Ch) was tasked on an application to set aside a statutory demand under Rule 10.5(5)(d) of the Insolvency Rules 2016 (“IR 2016”)...

The charmed life of Building Inspectors, re-visited: The Lessees and Management Company of Herons Court v NHBC Building Control Services Ltd [2019] EWCA Civ 1423

Approved inspectors of buildings are a feature of the construction site. They do not, however, owe a duty under section 1 of the Defective Premises Act 1972.

Severance of Adjudicator’s Decisions – Beyond Jurisdiction and Natural Justice? Willow Corps S.A.R.L. v MTD Contractors Ltd. [2019] EWHC 1591 (TCC)

Severance of adjudicator’s awards has, at least up until now, been a judicial tool used only sparingly in relation to TCC enforcement proceedings...

Ohpen Operations UK Limited v Invesco Fund Managers Limited [2019] EWHC 2246 (TCC)

In a recent TCC decision, Mrs Justice O’Farrell has reiterated that the Courts will enforce contractual dispute resolution procedures and give parties every opportunity to settle disputes before pursuing litigation.