Podcast – Your Debt Law, IVA’s & Bankruptcy – Part 2

During these trying times, are you overwhelmed by Debt? Is bankruptcy the answer? And what is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (also known as IVA's), and how can one assist you?  Hatti Suvari asks these questions to our specialist debt law barrister, Hannah Laithwaite.

Hannah Laithwaite discusses Debt, IVA’s and Bankruptcy in the newest podcast with Hatti Suvari from Get Legally Speaking.

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From who instructs an Insolvency Practitioner in a bankruptcy, to what they do, what a trustee in bankruptcy does, and the points that you could consider if you are going to attend at a bankruptcy hearing. Other points discussed include, considerations to have if you are thinking of applying to the Court to get a bankruptcy Order cancelled, the length of time that a bankruptcy Order remains in place, and also an introduction to Debt Relief and County Court Administration Orders.



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