Drones, Airprox, and the Regulatory Environment: Cause for Concern?

After Britain’s busiest airport grounded flights for almost an hour in response to a suspected drone sighting (“the Heathrow shutdown”), it was fairly reported that: ‘The latest incident will raise further concerns about why detection and blocking devices...

Spi North Limited v Swiss Post International (UK) Ltd and Asendia UK Ltd [2019] EWCA Civ 7 – no duty on corporate defendant to make ‘reasonable enquiries’ before putting claimant to proof

When a defendant is unable to admit or deny an allegation in the particulars of claim, is it required to make reasonable enquiries of third parties before pleading the same under CPR, r16.5(1)(b)?

Joint Tortfeasorship in IPR claims – Still a “Grenade” in the Tail for Directors?

In a decision handed down in 2016 – Grenade (UK) Ltd. Grenade Energy Ltd. & another [2016] EWHC 877 (IPEC) – HHJ Hacon considered the position of the directors in ‘one-man’ companies...

ABUSE OF PROCESS: claim in deceit permitted following unsuccessful claim in negligence

Was it an abuse of process to bring a claim in deceit following an unsuccessful claim in negligence?

Mitchelled? Should a solicitor withdraw from acting?

...In Garbutt -v- Edwards [2006] 1 WLR 2907 the Court of Appeal rejected the submission that failure to provide

ILLEGALITY: fraudulent claimant entitled to damages from negligent solicitors

Did the claimant’s participation in a mortgage fraud prevent her recovering damages for professional negligence from her conveyancing solicitors?