Freezing injunctions in aid of execution can prohibit the use of assets for business purposes.

Where there is a risk of dissipation between judgment and execution, post-judgment freezing injunctions are an increasingly common tool to facilitate execution, although, crucially, they are not a part of execution themselves.

Finality and Fraud.

Finality of judgment lies at the root of our legal system. In Virgin Atlantic Airways v Zodiac Seats [2014]

Private Virtue and Public Goods

Historically, the virtue underpinning commercial law has been the ability of the parties to a contract to agree and enforce payment for the value of goods and services...

Goldscheider v Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation (2019) EWCA Civ 711

This is a landmark case on the control of noise at work in music and entertainment. The Association of British Orchestras, Society of London Theatre, and UK Theatre Association expressed concern about the wider ramifications of this appeal for ‘all music making in the UK – concerts, theatres, schools, the lot’.