An offer you can’t refuse? Calderbank offers, weak cases and the risk of indemnity costs

Parties to litigation and their professional advisors must always keep in mind that there comes a point where the benefit of a Calderbank offer of settlement outweighs any likely benefit that could be achieved by continuing with the litigation to trial. Alongside the need to evaluate the legal and factual strength of a party’s case – the eternal “will we win?” question - what may be less well understood is the Court’s approach to awards of indemnity costs where such offers have been rejected and the offeree does not obtain a better outcome than the offer.

Article – Hirst v Dunbar

What limitation period applies to payment claims made under the Scheme for Construction Contracts? Claim that the Scheme acts as a certification process given the (Henry) Boot….

Property & Construction Disputes, Adjudication Part 1

Are you in a dispute with your builder? Are you a subcontractor in a construction site, where disputes have arisen? What is an adjudication and how can it help to quickly resolve property and construction disputes?